10+ Travel Essentials For Women – Must Carry Things While Travelling

Are you looking for a complete list of  Travel Essentials for Women?

I started traveling at the age of 19 years and for almost 11 years, I struggled to find travel accessories for women that would fulfill my needs and convenient for my journey. After years of traveling experience, I have managed to identify my must-have travel essentials for women. It has taken me a long time to learn which things are essential for traveling and which things are not.

And after years of experience now I can share my list of travel essentials items, which would be helpful for you if you couldn’t figure out the travel essential items or you are a new traveler and wanted to do some research before starting your travel journey. The more you travel the more you learn to pack lighter and skip what is not an essential item for traveling. Along with personal experience, I’ve gathered recommendations from fellow travelers to come up with a list of must-have travel items every female traveler needs.

Here is the list of must-have travel essentials for women.

Travel Waist Bag

“Protection is important”

The travel waist bag is my all-time best travel partner. I have purchased this bag from an online store. They sent me this amazing waist pouch at a very reasonable price. I am using travel belt bags for the last 5 years and I found them very useful for my traveling journey.

I often use this to keep my most important traveling essentials like passport, boarding pass, cell phone, cash bills, coins, credit cards, ID, SIM card, pen, keys, and other important papers.

It is not just a bag to keep my things but it protects my most important belongings from thieves and snatchers. With a waist bag/pouch I am sure that my things are safe and secure. And most importantly when I need something from the bag, I have very easy access to all my things.

Here is the website Dressneed where you can purchase this amazing waist bag/pouch for your traveling journey.

Travel Essentials for Women - Travel Waist Belt Bag

Toiletry Bag

“Hygiene is two-thirds of health”

Another most important part of the travel journey is my toiletry bag. I use this bag to keep my all personal hygienic things like my toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and other toiletries. By packing my all toiletries in a single bag, it saves my time and space. In addition to the lotion, you can put other essentials in it. Also, there are many benefits of having toiletry bag while traveling.

My first and the most important reason to always carry my toiletry bag is personal hygiene. It doesn’t matter if I am going on a long journey or short. I always need hygienic toiletries to maintain my physical and mental health. And using the hotel’s toiletries is always risky because hotels are for everyone and there are more chances that toiletries in the hotels are not good for my hygiene.

So it is very important and convenient for me to always carry my toiletries in a single bag. The toiletry bag helps me to keep my things managed and separated from all other stuff. There are many types of toiletry bags available in the market, the best travel toiletry bag which I recommend is here below.

Are you ready to buy a toiletry bag online? Here is the website Dressneed that can provide you the best quality bags online.

Travel Essentials for Women - Travel Toiletry Bag

Cosmetic Bag

“Makeup is an art and every woman is an artist”

The most important thing in a women’s life is makeup. And a cosmetic bag helps me to organize and manage all cosmetic items in a single bag. I think it is very difficult to manage all cosmetic items while traveling. That is why I recommend using a single cosmetic bag to keep all your make-up items like lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation, and others in a single bag.

The cosmetic bag is very dear to me because it protects and secures all my expensive items and also it is very easier to do quick makeup while traveling because of this amazing cosmetic bag. I found this bag very helpful for women because this bag can hold almost all makeup accessories like a gem and you don’t have to worry about your thing. This bag will help you secure and easily apply makeup while traveling.

If you are searching for a good cosmetic bag then Dressneed can provide you the best quality traveling cosmetic bag.

Cosmetic Bag for Women traveling

Charger, Headphone, and Extra cell phone for Emergency

“Technology makes Connection”

Before going on traveling, I will recommend you make sure you have carried all of the electronic device chargers. Because if you forget to grab your camera or mobile charger then how will you use them. It will cause big trouble for you and you have to buy another charger for your device. So, before leaving the house you have to keep your chargers and headphone in your backpack to enjoy your journey and record the trip memories.

And I always keep an extra cell phone with me in case my mobile phone gets damaged or lost then I should have something to call for help or to use in an emergency.

Charger, Earphone travel devices accessories for traveling women packing

Clothes According to the Weather/Climate

“Always dress well but keep it simple”

It can be really hard to determine what kind of clothes should you pack in your luggage. Here is my only rule for clothes packing while traveling is “Pack less enjoy more”. With experience, I can recommend you to pack some clothes for going out, some clothes for working, and one or two for sleeping. But before packing anything you have to do some research on the internet to know about the weather situation of the city or country where you are going.

If the weather situation is cold then you have to pack slightly warmer clothes with you plus some jackets also.  And if the situation there is not so cold and not so hot then you have an option to pack mix (warm and breathable) clothes in the luggage. Similarly, if the weather situation is hot you will pack clothes that can help you in the hot weather.

The biggest tip is, always to pack your sleepwear with you. Because you are gonna need them very much. It doesn’t matter that if you are staying in a high-level hotel or less. You can’t sleep peacefully in your regular slim-fit dress. My recommendation to you is, carry your sleep wears with you to have a restful sleep during your trips.

Travel Essentials for Women - Travel Cloth Packing

Undergarments Bag

“Never underestimate the power of inner wears”

Fresh under wears are a non-negotiable essential for every elegant lady. With my vast experience in traveling, I can tell you that the most important thing to take care of is your hygiene. You have to be very cautious about hygiene while traveling. And undergarment plays a very important role in our hygiene. You can’t keep them with your other clothes because it may cause bacteria to accumulate and fester on the inner wears. This can harm the skin of your private parts. That is why undergarments bag is one of the most important travel essentials for women.

I always keep my undergarments in a separate special bag for better security and privacy. You can keep your Bras, Panties, and Sanitary pads in a single bag. And when you require something you will have the easiest access to this particular bag. Here we have discussed some benefits of undergarments bags that can help you to understand one of the most important travel essentials for women.

Dressneed can provide you the best quality travel undergarment bra storage bag online.

Travel Essentials for Women - Undergarment Bra bag

Flip Flops and other Shoes

“Good shoes take you good places”

Shoes play the most important part in a travel journey. Comfortable and good-looking shoes can keep you happy and stressless while your whole journey. When going on traveling, you have to be very cautious about shoe packing. Improper or uncomfortable shoes can mess up your whole trip and make you extra tired.

You can include one or two pairs of outdoor comfortable shoes and at least one flip flop in the luggage. Always carry those comfortable shoes that you can easily walk with.

As per my experience, I will recommend you always carry at least one pair of flip-flop sandals. Because long traveling will make you tired and you will in need of rest. And flip-flop kinds of sandals are the most comfortable shoes ever. I wear them in the bathroom and these are my favorite bedroom sandals.

Travel Flip Flop shoes

Personal Travel Towel

“Precaution is better than cure”

The personal towel is one of the basic needs of any human. And when traveling you have to be very careful about your health and hygiene. You will be wondering that what is the need for a personal towel when the hotels are providing fresh towels for every visitor.

It is right that you will be provided with a fresh towel when you check into the hotel room. But there are high chances that those towels have germs and not hygienic for you. And using those towels can risk you and your skin.

I always carry my traveling towel with me and use it everywhere I go. Also, it is very convenient to carry my towel everywhere I go, because a towel is something that you will need anytime anywhere. Now is the question is what kind of towel you should carry with you?

My recommendation is to carry a light-weighted, quick-drying, and not a very big towel. So that packing would be convenient for you.

Travel Essentials for Women - Travel Personal Towel

Sunglasses, Hats, and Eye Mask

“Every woman needs to look stylish”

When you are going on traveling, you obviously want to look stylish and classy. But you shouldn’t be going in your expensive sunglasses. So, buy some cheap yet stylish sunglasses and hats for yourself. These will help you look elegant and will protect you against sunlight and other weather conditions.

Before going on travel I always buy some trendy and fashionable sunglasses and hats. And another must-have thing while traveling is Eye Mask. Yes, an eye mask helps me to get better sleep while I am on a train, bus, or flight. The eye mask is as important as my passport for me while traveling. Because without a passport, I cant travel and without an eye mask I can’t sleep peacefully. With help of this, I can get better and restful sleep in my journey.

Sunglasses, Hats and Eye Mask for Travel ladies

First Aid Kit

“First aid is for everyone, everywhere!”

When you pack for a trip, it is very necessary to pack a basic First aid kit along with your prescribed medicines.

Why First aid kit is important to pack along in your travel bag?

You know, traveling seems like a very adventurous and beautiful journey. Although it is very adventurous, but you need to be very careful about your health. When you travel from one city or country to another, the weather situation and environment would be different there. And you will need some time to adjust to that new environment. While this time you may fall lightly sick and have some headache and other small problems with your health. That is why the basic first aid kit is very important for you when you travel.

My first aid kit consists of the following items

  • Basic painkillers like Paracetamol
  • Basic bandages and Pyodiene
  • Antiseptic wipes and creams
  • A Balm for muscular related pains
  • Anti-Mosquito Cream or Lotion
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Masks
  • And some anti-allergic medicines (Doctor’s prescribed)

Travel Essentials for Women - First Aid Kit


“Packing light is the best gift you can give yourself”

The one and the only rule for packing should be “Pack less, enjoy more”. I know it is difficult for you to determine which things you need to pack when going on traveling and which things to leave at home. The first thing you need to remember is “you can’t pack everything”. This means that you can’t bring all items when you are traveling. And the more you will travel, the more you will get to know that packing less can make your trip enjoyable and convenient. Here I have discussed 10+ travel essentials for women. I hope that can help you understand the traveling hacks and it will be very convenient if you consider my recommendations.

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