Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs: Newborn Checklist

There are tons of items a newborn baby needs, and it is difficult to remember everything while going on shopping for your piece of joy. So, we have gathered information and made a list of the essential things a newborn baby needs. This list can help you take care of your baby with essentials, and it will make your daily life easier. If you are a new parent and searching for a list of essential items for your newborn then you are at the right place. This list will surely help you when shopping for your newborn.

When a child is born, this world is very new to him and it is a little difficult for him to adjust here. It takes time and effort to make the baby comfortable. As a mother, you have to be prepared for your baby and buy some essential items that can help you comfort the baby. Below are some most essential things that a newborn baby needs.


Baby diapers are the most important essential for a newborn because they poop a lot, like every hour or after every meal/feeding. It is the basic need of any baby, and you will need a minimum of 4-7 disposable diapers in a single day for your baby. So, buy some quality disposable diapers that can absorb a high amount of liquid and not get leaked easily. You would have at least enough diapers that can be enough for a whole week.

Baby Diapers

Baby Wipes

Everyone knows newborn babies have sensitive skin, and you can’t just wash their skin with water after changing every diaper or after every little spill. You have to use baby wipes to clean the skin because they are soft and do not damage the sensitive skin of the baby. So, baby wipes are one of the most essentials for a newborn baby. We recommend you to buy almost 2-3 packs in advance because there is no limit to use wipes in a single day. Sometimes you will use a half pack, and sometimes a whole pack would not be enough for a day. So, buy baby wipes accordingly.

Baby wipes

Anti Rashes Lotion

The first six months of babies are very crucial and important. They got skin rashes because of wet diapers, and rashes are very painful for a newborn. So, you would buy an anti rashes lotion with the advice of your doctor or dermatologist. Anti rashes lotion can help to reduce the rashes caused by diapers, moisture, and milk spills. Anti rashes lotions can help your baby sleep peacefully, and so you.

anti skin rashes lotion for babies


Everyone knows baby drools and dribbles a lot in their first two years. And newborn babies dribble milk while breastfeeding. And you can’t leave your baby with wet clothes, it will make the baby uncomfortable and cause several infections including, skin rashes and itches. So, you will need many baby bibs that can keep your baby clean and healthy. Our advice is to buy the best quality baby bibs that can absorb a high amount of liquid. Cotton bibs are considered best because they are highly absorbent and soft for the newborn’s skin. So, buy at least 1-2 dozen baby bibs that can help you keep the baby clean and healthy.

essentials things a newborn baby needs - the best baby bibs cotton bibs


Cotton is a natural fiber and friendly for babies. Buy beautiful baby bibs from here at affordable and the best prices in Pakistan.

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are one of the most important essential items for a baby. When babies start consuming some solid food, they spill a lot. That makes their clothes & skin dirty and wet, so you have to keep your baby clean while feeding the meal. With the help of burp cloths, you can easily keep your baby clean and healthy. So, buy 2,3 soft burp clothes to take care of your baby while feeding.

Burp clothes for newborn

Baby Swaddle Blanket

Swaddling is the most significant part of a newborn’s life, and as a parent, you have to understand its importance. You have to swaddle your baby in order to help him sleep peacefully. But swaddling is not an easy task, and you have to be very cautious while swaddling your baby because if you do it wrong, it can be dangerous for the baby’s health. And there are many types of swaddle blankets available in the market, but you have to choose wisely. The wrong swaddle can trap the heat of the baby and make them suffocated. So, our recommendation is to buy an easy change swaddle blanket. This swaddle blanket is made of original cotton fabric and ideal for newborn babies. Plus, it is much easier to swaddle your baby with this swaddle blanket.

Best Swaddle Blanket alternative

Blanket for Sleep

Buy a soft, light-weighted, and warm blanket for your baby. It will form a warm and cozy environment and helps the baby to sleep longer peacefully. As we all need a blanket while sleeping, and it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, we all need something on us while sleeping. Similarly, babies need blankets more than anyone because they are trying to adjust to this new world and soft & cozy blankets help them a lot.

Baby sleeping blanket

Bath Towel

Most babies are pretty bad at bathing, and you have to be very careful when bathing them. They cry and get scared of water and a cold environment. Because they kept in warm and cozy surroundings for a long time, that’s why they get afraid of water.  And you have to be ready for this situation. So, you should buy a soft and highly absorbent bath towel that can quickly dry the baby after the bath and do not harm sensitive skin. Our recommendation is to buy a bath towel that is made of terry cloth fabric because these are considered the best bath towel among the others.

Baby bath towel terry cloth towel

Changing Pad

As a parent, you will have to change your baby’s diaper 4-5 times in a single day. Sometimes diapers got leaked while changing them, and it will be a mess on your mattress or blanket. So, you will need a changing pad that can help you while changing the diapers. You can place the changing pad on your mattress and then change a diaper easily. If the diaper got leaked, then all the mess will be on the changing pad, and it doesn’t make your bed or mattress dirty.

Essentials for a newborn baby - diaper changing mat


Being a parent is one of the biggest joys of life. But great things come with noble responsibilities. You have to be very careful when taking care of your newborn and need many essential items for your baby. So, we have collected the data from different parents and made a list of the most important essentials for a newborn. This list can help you a lot if you are searching for a complete list of baby essentials. You can take this list as a checklist while going for your newborns’ shopping. This list can be very much helpful for new parents who don’t know anything about babies and their essentials.


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