After Shower Baby Hooded Wrapping Blanket Natural Cotton Made For Boy, Girl, And Unisex

  • The Safest Hooded Blanket: Our hooded blanket is one of the safest baby blankets available in the market. It is made of 100% natural cotton fibers and doesn’t have any chemicals involved. That makes it the safest blanket for babies. Moreover, the cotton blanket is naturally soft and comfortable for newborns, toddlers, and kids
  • Generous Size: The size is large enough for 0-3 months old babies. Although every baby has a different physique and size, accordingly we have made it big enough to fit all babies
  • Durable & Breathable: Natural cotton is considered very durable and long-lasting. Our wrapping blanket is highly breathable. It allows air to pass freely through the fabric. Which makes this blanket suitable for every weather condition
  • Highly Absorbent: The cloth is highly water absorbent and can dry quickly. The after-shower blanket is ideal for quickly dry the baby after shower/bath. Furthermore, its soft feel and comfort can make the baby happy after a bath





Baby Hooded Blanket - Kids Essentials

Size & Material

  • Length= 31 Inches
  • Width= 31 Inches
  • Hood Width= 10 Inches
  • Weight= 195 Grams
  • Fabric= Natural Cotton knitted fabric
  • Colors Availability= White and Of-White with different Prints
  • Designs= 3 Designs (Animal Print, Heart Print, and Giraffe Print)
  • Age= General Size for 0-3 months old
  • Gender= Unisex

Extremely Soft & Comfortable

The fabric is naturally softer than any other material available in the market. The fabric is knitted with organic cotton fibers, which made this cloth very soft and comfortable, exceptionally for the baby’s skin. The blanket texture is super pleasing & comfortable, which will make the baby happy after every bath.

Gentle for Sensitive Skin

Our hooded wrapping blanket is made of premium natural cotton fiber which is carefully selected and inspected to meet our top-quality standards. It is an ideal blanket for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.


Natural cotton fabric comprised of organic fibers is highly breathable, doesn’t trap the heat inside. It allows the air to circulate through the material and generate a ventilated atmosphere for the baby.


Here are some amazing benefits of using hanging organzier.


Our wonderfully soft and plush bath wrap for kids will make your youngster feel at ease and pleased after each bath. The timeless neutral style is appropriate for both boys and girls, as well as infants and toddlers. The baby will be much comfortable with the blanket after each bath.

Keep the Baby Ventilated

The blanket is made out of highly breathable & ventilation-friendly cotton fabric that allows air to circulate through the cloth and produce a sweet & pleasing ventilated environment. The breathability made it suitable for all seasonal blankets which means the baby can wear it in both summer and winter.

Baby Hooded Blanket - Benefits & Advantages

Ideal for Babies Skin

The after-shower blanket is perfect for the baby’s skin. As newborns are the most sensitive human being on this planet, and they need special skin-friendly essentials to survive. Our blanket is designed in a way that is breathable, water-absorbent, and super soft. These qualities made it ideal for newborns, toddlers, and kids with sensitive skin.

Easy Care

The premium quality after-bath wrap is extremely durable and very easy to care for. It is washable, reusable, and long-lasting. You can wash with/without soft detergent, and it is suitable for both machine and hand wash.

The Best Blanket for Newborn

As you know, newborns are very sensitive in terms of their skin. You have to be very cautious when choosing clothes, dresses, or any other thing for your baby. The baby items should be skin-friendly for sure and do not have chemicals involvement with them.

Our hooded blanket is specially designed to be suitable for newborns. It is exceptionally soft and skin-friendly, which will make the child love the feel and texture of the blanket. Furthermore, it has water absorbent capability, which means it can absorb the baby sweat or moisture after bath/shower. After absorbing water, it can dry quickly by just keeping it outside. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to handle or carry. The parents can bear it anywhere, and this lightweight blanket may not be a burden in the luggage or bag. You can easily fold it and keep it inside the normal-sized bag with other baby items.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs around 195 Grams approximately. It is a lightweight blanket made of fine organic cotton fabric, ideal for sensitive skin babies. It is suitable for both summer and winter usages, it’s breathability capability made this perfect for summer usage. It is way lightweight than other blankets available in the market out there.

Can a baby sleep in this blanket?

Yes, you can use this as a sleeping blanket for your baby. The baby will feel much comfortable in this highly breathable & super soft blanket.

Where is this product made?

The soft hooded blanket is made in Pakistan, and Dressneed is the manufacturer of this product from A-Z. You can buy this from us, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Cash on delivery service is available.

Is it just specific as an after-shower blanket?

It is ideal to use as an after-shower blanket but it is excellent for other purposes also. The product is more like multipurpose, you can use this as a sleeping blanket or for other purposes also. It is not just specific for after-shower usage. The water-absorbent capability made it suitable for after bath, and lightweight & breathability made it great for sleeping blanket.



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