Premium Baby Waffle Bathrobe Dressing Gown Organic Cotton Waffle Hooded Robe Soft, Comfortable, and Water Absorbent For Boy, Girl, and Unisex

  • Quality & Size: Baby bathrobe gown made of premium quality organic cotton waffle fabric with a pleasing look and high-quality stitching. It is the most generous and durable gown for both boys & girls. The size is suitable for 0-12 months baby
  • Skin Friendly: It is made of cotton waffle fabric, which is woven in a way that doesn’t include harmful chemicals and doesn’t trap the heat inside. That makes it super skin-friendly especially for the babies’ sensitive skin
  • Lightweight: The waffle gown is super lightweight and highly comfortable for the babies
  • Quick Drying: It is made with natural cotton fabric and woven in 3 layers. That makes it highly water absorbent and quick drying. It can dry your baby after a shower or bath







Baby Waffle Bathrobe Dressing Gown unisex - kids essential


  • The bathrobe size is suitable for 0-12 months old boy and girl
  • Width=12 inches, Height= 13 inches, Hood Height= 9 inches
  • Long fabric belt
  • Net Weight= 167g
  • High-quality stitching

Baby Bathrobe Size Info


The waffle fabric is considered highly breathable and has comprehensive ventilation capability. It is woven in a way that doesn’t trap the heat inside and allows air to pass through. That makes this bathrobe breathable and ideal for the baby 

Super Soft

The premium quality baby gown is super soft and gets softer after every wash, giving your baby a comfortable sensation

Baby Waffle Bathrobe Dressing Gown unisex - kids essential


Breathability and super softness made this robe very comfortable and pleasing. The baby will enjoy wearing the robe after a shower and will be happy all the day

Elegant Design

The most significant advantage of our bathrobe is its design. The decent and neat concept of design made this robe suitable for both baby boy or girl

Best Baby Bathrobe Gown

There are many types of baby bathrobes available in the market out there, but many of them are not suitable for toddlers or newborn babies. Only waffle fabric-made robes are considered best for a baby’s sensitive skin. As there are no chemicals involved in weaving the fabric, that makes it highly skin-friendly and harmless.

This is a multipurpose gown, not just for after bath but your baby can wear this as a dressing gown, photography prop, party dress, etc. 

Best Baby Waffle Bathrobe Dressing Bath Gown unisex

Waffle Bathrobe Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of waffle bathrobes, and the following are some important benefits.

Comfortably Soft

The most significant and helpful benefit of a waffle fabric robe is it is super soft. It can help you calm down your baby after a bath and helps your baby to get relaxed instantly after wearing. Waffle gowns get softer after each wash.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Baby’s take care is not an easy task, and parents must be aware of their baby’s skin condition. Unhealthy and wrong clothes can damage the sensitive skin of the baby. Our gowns are ideal for sensitive skin babies because of their breathability and absorbency as they are made of organic cotton waffle fabric.


Waffle Bathrobe Benefits

Suitable for All Seasons

The waffle fabric gowns are suitable for all weather seasons due to their air ventilation capability. The air can easily pass through the fabric and keep the infant ventilated all the time.

Water Absorbent

The light-weighted gowns are woven/knitted with three layers of natural cotton fabric which makes them highly water absorbent and quick-drying at the same time.

Would this be lightweight and breathable enough to wear in the summer?

Yes, it is made out of organic cotton fibers and woven in a way that air can move freely among the fabric, keeping the environment ventilated. That makes it suitable for both summer and winter. Also, it is lightweight enough to wear all day and all seasons.

What is the difference between waffle and towel bathrobe?

The waffle fabric is made out of 100% organic cotton fibers and is considered highly suitable for sensitive skin. Moreover, waffle fabric is lightweight, highly absorbent, skin-friendly, and quick drying.

The towel bathrobes are made out of either terry towel fabric or simple towel fabric. Both are highly water absorbent, but they are both heavily weighted. They have long loops of threads that can absorb more water, but besides that, they can cause skin rashes in some cases.

Is it comfortable for the newborn?

Yes, it is super soft and highly comfortable for babies 0-12 months old. As it is made of natural cotton & lightweight, that makes this gown suitable for newborns. 

How to get Hooded Gown?

You have to order this online from our website, and after that, we will deliver it to your doorstep. The cash on delivery service is available all over Pakistan. 

Care Instructions

Following are some care instructions

  • It is suitable for both machine wash and hand wash
  • It will get softer after every wash
  • You can iron it if needed. Too hot iron may damage the fabric. So, Be careful
  • Tumble dry is not recommended
  • Bleech can damage the cotton
  • Do not dry clean


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