Cotton Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Boys & Girls and Unisex with Long Ties & Waterproof Ability

  • Cute Baby Bibs Material: Our Baby bibs are made with soft organic 100% cotton fabric, which is skin-friendly for newborn babies. We designed these bibs in simple and cute designs to make sure your baby gets facilely comfortable and never gets out of style. The back layer is made of thick polyester fleece, which keeps drools and dribbles prevented from getting soaked into the baby’s clothes.
  • Baby Boy Girls Bibs: These ultra-soft and highly absorbent bibs are ideal for both baby girls and baby boys. We have different sizes of baby bibs for every age of babies.
  • Perfect for Drooling/Teething Baby: These organic baby bibs are made of super soft and highly absorbent cotton that will absorb every drop of dribble/milk spills and prevent them from getting in touch with the baby’s skin or clothes. These dribble bibs will surely keep your baby dry all day.
  • Best Bibs for Newborn: With two easily adjustable and comfortable ties, you can conveniently fasten the bibs. As already mentioned, the material is super soft and skin-friendly for the baby’s sensitive skin. All the designs are super adorable and cute. Undoubtedly, you and your baby will love them



Ideal Size for Babies

  • Suitable for both boys and girls up to 12 months of age.
  • Length=14cm, Width 17cm, Ties Length= 25cm
  • Neck size= 14cm
Cotton bibs for newborn boy and girl - Size

Made of Natural Cotton Fabric

Cotton bandana drool bibs are made of 100% natural cotton fabric, which is the finest quality of cotton, it is super soft and considered ideal for sensitive skin.

Cotton bibs from dressneed. The best quality pure cotton made bibs available online.

Extra Thick Layers to Absorb More & Waterproof

Extra thick layers made this bib absorb a large volume of liquids like drools, dribble, milk spills, and water spills. Also, a polyester waterproof sheet has given on the back, which protects from spills and liquids to get in touch with the baby’s skin.

Cotton bibs for newborn boy and girl - Absorbency & Waterproof Ability

Long Ties

25cm long ties make this very comfortable to wear, and a baby can wear this all day long without any inconvenience.


Our cotton bandana bibs are multipurpose, which you can use to wipe drools, dribbles, and even milk spills while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. It can be used as a burp cloth.

Cotton bibs for newborn boy and girl - Long Ties for comfort


There are many benefits of our cotton bibs, and some of the significant benefits are mentioned below.

  • Soft & Comfortable:100% pure cotton is heavenly soft and comfortable for sensitive skin. Newborns face many issues with their skin, and cotton-made bibs are 100% harmless.
  • Cute Designs: These bibs are available in different varieties, colors, and designs. You can keep your baby dry with style with these bibs.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The most important benefit of the cotton bib is, you can easily wash them in a washing machine or hot water(if required). It doesn’t matter how messy and odorous those bibs are. You can just simply wash them within the machine and they will be ready to use again.
  • Prices: Cotton bibs are available at very reasonable prices at our store and you can easily buy them in Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.
Baby bandana drool cotton bibs - Benefits

Importance of Catton Baby Bibs for the Newborn

Every parent knows that taking care of their newborn is essentials, and even little negligence by the parents can make the baby suffer. So always choose the best product when it comes to your baby’s health.

Cotton fabric is considered best for sensitive skin, and newborns are the most sensitive creatures on the earth. That is why cotton-made baby bibs are considered the most trustworthy.

  • Keep the baby clean and dry all the time with these soft and adorable bibs.
  • Cotton Bibs are ideal for the baby’s sensitive skin and very comfortable to use.
  • These are highly absorbent, can absorb a large amount of liquid while feeding, drooling, and dribbling.
  • Our bibs are breathable, can be worn out all day without any side effects like skin rashes.
  • Can keep your baby dry and hygienic from all kinds of spills and liquids.


Are Bibs safe for newborns?

Bibs are considered safe for newborns but using the same bib all day can be harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin. You have to change the bib after every meal, and cotton-made bibs are considered safest for newborns.

What are baby bibs for?

Babies drool a lot while they are breastfeeding. And bibs are used to protect clothes and their skin from drool, dribble, or milk spills. Bibs help you keep the baby dry & hygienic all day, and it is convenient to change the bib instead of changing the clothes again and again.

What are the best baby bibs to catch drool?

Babies drool and dribble a lot, and in fact, they drool all day. So in order to keep your baby boy/girl dry, you need a highly absorbent baby bib. There are several kinds of bibs available out there, but organic cotton bibs are considered the best baby bibs of all time because they are highly absorbent, super soft, and skin-friendly.

How many bibs is a good number to have while planning for your first baby?

The more is less when it comes to the number of baby bibs you require for your baby. The more bibs you have, the less inconvenience you will face. So, buy at least 10-12 cute bibs for your newborn baby.

Care Instructions

Following are some care instructions for cotton bibs.

  • Cotton bibs are suitable for both machine and hand to wash with similar color clothes.
  • Wash the bibs with detergent & softener and soak in cold water for three minutes, then wash it with clean water
  • Improper washing may cause unpleasant damages and stretches
  • You can iron the bib if needed. Hot ironing may damage the polyester waterproof sheets of the bib. So be careful
  • Tumble dry is not recommended
  • Bleech can damage the cotton
  • Do not dry clean
Baby Bibs Easy Care Instructions


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