Wall Hanging Storage Organizer Cotton Wall Mount Over The Door Mail, Jewelry, File Organizer For Home And Office

  • Superior Design & Material: The cotton fabric used in the wall hanging organizer has a water-resistant type treatment that repels water. The wood bar is included for a more secure and convenient hang, as well as high-quality stitching.
  • Multi Pockets: There are six pockets of various sizes provided to hold your various types of essentials. It can be used as a Mail Organizer, a Jewelry Organizer, or a File Organizer. You can also keep other goods such as files, mail envelopes, keys, jewels, wallets, glasses, and so on.
  • Decorative Piece: You can use it to decorate your home or office in addition to using it as a wall hanging storage. The exquisite design allows you to hang it on the wall of your bedroom to keep little items while also decorating the space. In the office, it appears more professional and respectable. You can also keep your office’s stationery, files, scissors, clippers, staplers, and other items in a well-organized and secure location.
  • Available Colors: There is a total of 2 colors available right now, black and white check design. You can see the picture below.





Size & Materials

  • Material= Thick Cotton Fabric, High-Quality Wood Bar for Hanging, Superior Quality Stitching
  • Length= 24 Inches
  • Width= 13 Inches
  • Weight= 220 Grams
Cloth Wall Hanging Organizer

2 Different Colors With 6 Pockets

There are two color options for the wall-mounted storage organizer.

1. Feather grey check with a ground white fabric for the pockets and a plain feather grey cotton fabric for the back.

2. A black surf check fabric with a ground white fabric for the pocket and a plain white cotton fabric for the back.

Take a look at the images below.

Cloth Wall Hanging Organizer


Paper files, jewelry, pocketbook bags, sunglasses, remotes, chargers, cell phones, and other items can all be stored here. It allows you to store a variety of items in a well-organized and conveniently accessible location. You can keep sensitive objects like scissors and paper blades, as well as other goods that you wish to keep out of reach of your children, in a secure location.

Home and Office Decoration

Wall organizers add style to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and workplace while also giving you more storage. You may also hang them on the wall to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home or office. The hanging wall organizers can also be used as a decorative feature in your home.


Below are some of the major benefits of hanging storage organizer.

Easy Access

When your valuables are stored in a wall organizer, you may quickly access them at any moment. While it might be difficult to locate ordinary products in a timely manner when they are stored in several spots. Wall organizers allow you to access them at any time because they are always in front of you.

Reserves Unusable Wall Space

The hanging wall organizers take up less room, rather than unused space, to provide you with additional storage. It is not possible to store your mail envelopes, files, or other common items on an ordinary wall, but it is feasible with the help of our hanging organizer.

Easy to Install

It’s a lot easier to hang an organizer than it is to make Maggie. These organizers can be conveniently hung in the closet, on doors, and on walls, among other places.

Cloth Wall Hanging Organizer

Create More Storage Space

The main advantage of hanging organizers is that they allow you to store more stuff in less area. Is it possible to keep your stuff on the wall or on the door? Clearly not. However, you may easily accomplish it with the help of a multi-pocket wall organizer. These will not only add storage space to your home, but they will also look wonderful when hung on the wall.

The Best Hanging Organizer

Aside from accessibility, a hanging organizer can help you save room by allowing you to store more stuff. With the help of our hanging organizer, you can keep objects in even the most accessible areas of your home. It lets you organize and store your goods in such a way that you can simply reach anything when you need it. The major advantage of hanging organizers is that they allow you to avoid the disarray of the room.

Dressneed has the greatest hanging organizer to keep your possessions organized while also adding to the aesthetic of the area. The size is perfect, and the fabric is of excellent quality, with premium stitching. As a result, we were able to create the greatest type of wall-mounted hanging organizer.

Cloth Wall Hanging Organizer

What is the best way to hang it?

Installing a hanging organizer is much less difficult than you might believe. It can be hung with a simple nail. The strings are sturdy enough to support the organizer’s weight.

Is it okay if I hang it on my door?

Yes, you may put it anyplace in your home, office, or wherever you need it. This hanging organizer can be used for a variety of purposes.

Is it possible to use this as a cabinet organizer?

Yes, you may use it to organize your cupboards. It must be hung inside or outside the cabinet and can be used to store anything. It is entirely up to you (the user) to decide where you want to keep your possessions.

Is this waterproof?

It is not waterproof, but the fabric has been intended to be slightly water repellent. So, though this is not a watertight organizer, it is water-resistant.


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