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  • Happiest Baby Swaddle: The perfect swaddle to wrap your baby, so they don’t sneak out and have a comfortably peaceful sleep. It is the perfect replacement for the traditional blanket swaddle. A simple & modern concept of swaddling
  • Material: The material is natural cotton, non-toxic, and doesn’t include harmful chemicals. It can produce the feeling of the womb and helps the baby to adjust to the new world
  • Safe for Newborn: The natural cotton and non-toxic material made this swaddle suitable for newborns. plus, the design is baby-friendly, doesn’t have any zips, hooks, or any other harmful material that can be dangerous for the newborn
  • Breathable: Natural cotton fabric made of organic fibers is highly breathable, doesn’t trap the heat inside. It allows the air to pass through the cloth and produce a ventilated environment for the baby
  • Unisex: The design is super cute, simple, and sleek. That makes it suitable for both baby boy and girl. There are three different designs and colors available for the easy baby wrap swaddle. You can see them below
  • Soft & Comfortable: Super softness and breathability made this swaddle very comfortable and pleasurable. So, the baby can enjoy their sleep and parents too





Baby Easy Wrap Swaddle

Size & Material

  • Material: Natural cotton fabric, white background with print
  • Size: Length=18 Inches, Width= 10 Inches, Width(open)=27 Inches
  • Age: 0-12 Months old (it’s a general size but every baby is unique, so choose size wisely)
  • Premium quality stitching of swaddle and ribbon
  • Premium quality cloth Velcro used for easy and long-lasting wrapping
Baby Easy Wrap Swaddle - Size Info/Graph

Easy Wrap

The traditional way of swaddling is not easy, rather it is complicated especially for new parents. You have to be very cautious while swaddling up the baby, you have to keep the baby’s posture straight and the swaddle shouldn’t be too tight or loose.

Easy wrap swaddle is designed in a way that will keep the baby straight and will help the baby sleep comfortably. Plus, it is time-saving comparing to the traditional swaddling method.


The highest quality fabric, softness, and breathability made this wrap very comfortable for babies. The baby will feel like sleeping in the mother’s arms and will love the texture. It is the perfect fit if your baby loves to sleep with their arms close because a wrap swaddle helps to keep arms close and hold the baby’s posture straight.

Skin Friendly

This is made of natural cotton fabric and doesn’t include harmful chemicals. This makes it is skin-friendly and ideal for your newborns.


Baby Easy Wrap Swaddle - Properties Features Advantages

Easy Wrap Swaddle Benefits

Following are some benefits you can enjoy when using this swaddle.

Peaceful Sleep

The easy wrap swaddle is highly comfortable, super soft, and skin-friendly. That makes it ideal for babies who couldn’t sleep peacefully, the wrap will develop a comfortable and peaceful environment that helps the baby sleep peacefully.

Better than Traditional Swaddle

It is way better than traditional swaddles. The traditional way is complicated, time-consuming, and a little bit risky too. But easy way swaddle can be worn in a few seconds and do the job perfectly. Plus, the adjustment allows you to adjust the fitting according to the baby’s situation.

Baby Easy Wrap Swaddle - Benefits & Advantages

Fully Adjustable

The wrap is suitable for 0-12 months old baby. But every baby is unique and that is why we have built this in a way that it is easily adjustable for everyone. You just have to wrap your baby and adjust the wrap according to the baby’s physique.

Safe for Newborn

There are no metallic accessories used in this wrap. There is no zip, hook, or other accessories that may hurt the baby. This makes it a safe and ideal wrap for the newborn baby. So, treat your piece of joy as special as they are.

Why Better than Traditional Swaddle?

The easy wrap swaddle is much better than the traditional swaddling method. The biggest reason is it saves your time and you don’t have to be much skilled while swaddling the baby. But in the traditional method, you have to be very careful with your infant. Wrong swaddling can be very harmful to the baby’s bones and posture. If you wrap your child too tightly, it may cause Hip Dysplasia or other problems with the hip and backbones.

Easy swaddle is designed in a way that it’ll not cause any damage to the bones and will save the parent’s time. Moreover, it is easily adjustable which means if the baby is not feeling good by wearing this you can adjust it for the baby’s comfort, allowing you and your child to sleep peacefully.

Baby Easy Wrap Swaddle

Care Instructions

Following are some care instructions

  • It is suitable for both machine wash and hand wash
  • It will get softer after every wash
  • You can iron it if needed. Too hot iron may damage the fabric. So, Be careful
  • Tumble dry is not recommended
  • Bleech can damage the cotton
  • Do not dry clean

Care instruction for roti chapati bag pouch cover

How long do you swaddle a baby?

It is great to wrap your kid around whenever he/she is feeling uncomfortable while sleeping. But commonly most of the peoples swaddle their baby for 8-10 hours a day. Swaddling is a great way to help the baby adjust to a new world. So, you can wrap the baby whenever you feel that the baby needs it. 

What is the right swaddle for your baby?

There are many types of swaddles available out there nowadays. They are all different in terms of the quality and benefits they provide. But, if you are a working parent and want no harm to your piece of joy then our easy wrap swaddle would be the best. 

When do I start to swaddle my baby?

Swaddling is most effective in the first six months. Some babies grow faster, and they hate it at the 4th month, and some babies love it, and couldn’t sleep without it. So, it’s totally up to the baby’s growth and whether he/she loves it or not.

What is the right way of swaddling?

The right way to swaddle your baby is wrapping around the arms to the feet, not too tightly and not too loosely. Basically, it is not a simple task to swaddle. But, Dressneed makes it very simple for you peoples. The easy wrap is the best swaddle if you don’t know how to properly wrap the baby.


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