Over The Wall Mesh Net Multi Pockets Hanging Organizer, Breathable Net Pockets, Lightweight, And Beautiful Design Over the Door Organizer For Storing Socks, Undergarments, Garments, Everyday Items, etc

  • Mesh Fabric Hanging Organizer: Cotton and mesh/net are the main material used to make this organizer. The underside is made of thick & printed cotton fabric, and various breathable pockets made of high-quality net fabric. A steel hanger is given for easy hanging anywhere in the house
  • Various Pockets: There are 16 medium pockets in total, allowing you to hold multiple items in one organizer. The pockets are spacious enough to carry a variety of goods while keeping them safe and secure. For added security, stretch piping has been designed. It will assist in holding items in place and preventing them from dropping to the ground
  • Changeable Hanger: For simpler hanging and to support the weight of the organizer when completely loaded, a high-quality steel hanger has been provided. You may change the hanger at any moment by simply removing the old one from the organizer and replacing it with the new one. Although the provided hanger is of excellent quality, we have added the possibility to adjust it to make it more helpful to a wider range of users
  • Durable: Our product became incredibly sturdy and long-lasting due to the material, size, and unique features. All of the materials utilized in this product are unquestionable of the highest quality. Our first and most important aim is to supply high-quality items, and we never compromise on that
  • Beautiful Design: The design is stunning and innovative, and it will enhance the elegance of the room in which it is installed. The mix of the feather check pattern black cloth and black mesh net pockets is stunning. We are confident that you will adore its design
  • Premium Stitching: Our product is created from high-quality premium materials, so the stitching is also premium and of high quality. That made our organizer durable and long-lasting






Size & Material

  • Material= Thick cotton fabric, feather black and white check pattern, high-quality mesh net fabric for pockets, and premium quality steel hanger
  • Length= 32 Inches
  • Width= 16 Inches
  • Each Pocket Length= 6.5 Inches
  • Pockets= 16 Pockets of Same Size
  • Weight (With Steel Hanger) = 300 Grams approximately (Slightly weight difference should be accepted)

Breathable Mesh Wall Hanging Organizer Multi Pockets - Size Information

Mesh Pockets

A total of sixteen pockets made of excellent net fabric are included. All the pockets have the same size and material, and they are secured by stretchable piping. After a completely loaded organizer, it will keep things from dropping to the ground.


The organizer’s pockets are all extremely ventilated. You can store products that require breathabilities, such as socks, underwear, stockings, handkerchiefs, and other similar items that require a ventilated environment. The ability to breathe will aid in the prevention of odor.

Breathable Mesh Wall Hanging Organizer Multi Pockets - Properties

Long Lasting & Durable

All of the materials utilized in this organizer are unquestionably high-quality, resulting in an incredibly long-lasting product. You can use it for a long period, and we are confident that it will never become dull or old to you. Furthermore, it is washable, so if it becomes dirty or untidy, you can easily wash it. Handwashing with cold water and some gentle detergents is recommended.


Because the organizer is multifunctional, you may store a variety of items in it without difficulties. It can hold a variety of little items such as undergarments, socks, nappies, bibs, and burp cloths. It is the most convenient type of hanging organizer since it allows you to access everything quickly.

Some Benefits

Safe & Secure

One of our product’s most appealing features is its safety. The pockets are constructed of high-quality mesh fabric with stretch piping. As a result, our organizer is the safest and most secure wall storage bag ever created. The pockets are sturdy enough to support your items’ weight.

Ventilated Environment

The net/mesh fabric allows for limitless breathability, ensuring that your goods remain ventilated at all times. This also aids in the prevention of odors in your goods. It will keep your clothes ventilated all the time if you use it as a cupboard organizer.

Breathable Mesh Wall Hanging Organizer Multi Pockets - Benefits & Advantages

Decent Design

The shape is well-designed and appropriate for usage in a variety of settings, including your home or workplace. It will provide decorative value to your spare wall storage space. We are confident that you will be astounded by its beauty and appearance.


A hanging organizer allows you to have your items in front of you at all times, which is really convenient. Its flexibility to change hangers contributed to its ease. Furthermore, it is simple to install anywhere with just a single nail. The build is extremely long-lasting and high-end. These features made it acceptable for use in both the workplace and at home.

Breathable Mesh Wall Hanging Organizer Multi Pockets

What is the best way to hang it on a cement wall?

It’s as simple as putting on socks to hang a wall organizer. All you have to do now is drill a solid nail and hang it on the cement wall. For a solid and long-lasting hanging, a sturdy steel hanger is provided. When hung, the wall organizer acts as a shelf.

Is it strong enough to hold clothing?

Our product is created with high-quality materials such as breathable mesh cloth, thick cotton of superior quality, and a strong steel hanger. Our product is incredibly durable thanks to the high-quality materials used, and you can consider it durable enough to hold your clothing.

Where does it come from? Where is it made?

We created it with the highest quality raw materials and sewed it to fulfill our highest quality standards. Dressneed is the manufacturer of mesh net pocket hanging organizers. From A to Z, we are the designer & manufacturer of Home textiles, Baby Clothing & Care Products, Travel Bags, and Organizers.  


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