Cotton Roti Chapati Bread Cover/Bag/Pouch, Keep Roti Chapati Warm and Fresh - Buy Online

  • Size & Quality: The decent-looking well made quilted roti chapati cover is made out of natural cotton fabric that provides protection and a hygienic atmosphere for your roti, chapati, naan, toast, bread, tortilla, etc. It is available in the general size of 13cm radius that is capable to store 5+ roti/chapati. The polyester heatproof filling on the inside allows keeping food warm. These are washable and re-usable
  • Multipurpose: It’s not just a chapati bag; you can use it for a variety of things, like keeping your bread or food warm when traveling. You may also use it as a tiffin hat, a potholder, or a breadbasket
  • Keep Roti Chapti Warm & Fresh: Within the quilted fabric, there is a heat-resistant food-grade polyester filling that keeps your food warm and fresh for an extended period of time. It operates in the same way as the old traditional method of keeping food fresh and warm all-day
  • Convenient: It’s lightweight and easy to carry. The two-way zippers are smooth and simple to use, adding to the comfort. For everyday use, high-quality materials are used. It can be washed (Gently hand washes with cold water). It is also foldable and portable, can be easily carried
  • Available in 2 Colors: The premium quality and most well roti pouches come in two different colors with a check pattern. Below you can see the available colors





Size & Material

  • The material is soft quilted natural cotton and polyester filling inside
  • 13 inches radius
  • Net Weight= 167g
  • High-quality stitching

Roti Chapati Cotton Cover - Keep Roti Warm and Fresh


The multipurpose cloth roti cover can be used for family outings, outdoor picnics, and road trips to ensure that you consume nutritious and fresh food. It can be used to store Paratha, Pakora, Wheat, Flatbread, and other products.

Keep Food Warm & Fresh

Roti covers chapati bag with everything you need to keep your rotis soft, fresh, and warm for hours after you cook them. This empty cotton cover has a double layer of fabric with a thin layer of hidden cushion. It has a zip chain opening that makes it easy to open.

Moisture Absorbent

It is made of cotton layers with a polyester base that absorbs excess moisture from the chapati and helps keep the food fresher for longer periods of time. The cotton used is of high quality and is easily washable and reusable, allowing for multiple uses.

Colors availability

The highest-quality and most well-designed roti pouches are available in two different colors with a check pattern. You can see the original pictures below and above.

Roti Chapati Cotton Cover - Keep Roti Warm and Fresh

Best roti cover warmer

There are many types of roti romals, covers, bags, pouches are available in the market out there. But they are all somehow different in the quality and benefits they provide. We have brought you the best kind of roti cover warmer for your daily life. This is made of premium quality cotton fabric made of natural cotton fibers. You can keep your bread, wheat, and other flat food items warm and safe from dirt and germs.

Roti Chapati Cotton Cover - Keep Roti Warm and Fresh

Roti Cover Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of using a roti cover pouch, and the following are some important benefits.

Keep your food fresh

The most significant and helpful benefit is it provides the facility to keep your food soft, warm, and fresh for a long time while you are traveling or going for a picnic. It helps you maintain the hygiene of the food and helps you to get healthy food even when you are out of your home.

Easy to carry

It is foldable and very easy to carry. It requires less space while providing you healthy environment for your food. You also keep it on your dining table and enjoy the fresh & soft food.

Decorative piece

It is not just a product that provides you the benefits mentioned above, but you can use this bag as a decorative piece on your dining table. It is natural cotton made and available in 2 different & elegant patterns.

Care Instructions

Following are some care instructions

  • It is suitable for both machine wash and hand wash
  • It will get softer after every wash
  • Tumble dry is not recommended
  • Bleech can damage the cotton
  • Do not dry clean

Care instruction for roti chapati bag pouch cover

How many roti/chapati it can store?

You can store up to 5-8 roti/chapati/paratha/bread in this cover.

Is it safe for keeping food/bread?

Yes, it is made of natural cotton fabric that is considered safe for food. You can undoubtedly use this to keep your food safe and soft all day.

Can I use it to keep other food items?

Of course, you can use it to keep other items of your choice. You can keep Pakoray, Samosay, Toast

How to buy it online in Pakistan?

You can order us online, and we will deliver it to your doorstep in almost no time. The cash on delivery service is available all over Pakistan. So, hurry up, book your order before it’s too late.


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