Transparent Hanging Organizer, Clear Pockets Over The Door Wall Mount Storage Bag Accessories, Jewelry, Cosmetic Organizer

  • Multi-pockets Hanging Organizer: Supreme quality hanging organizer made of plastic and cotton fabric, multi-pockets created by clear PVC plastic, plain black color cotton fabric with white feather check pattern, and high-quality stitching for long-term usage and durability. You can store and manage many items in its various clear pockets, allowing you to organizer everything in front of you
  • Superior Material: All of the materials we used in this organizer are of the highest quality, resulting in an excellent and most durable organizer ever. This product’s transparent PVC plastic is also of the premium grade currently available on the market. A steel-made hanger is also included for convenient hanging on the walls or door
  • Handy Size: The size is very beneficial and useful, it is suitable to hang it anywhere in the house like over the door, on the wall, dining room wall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc
  • Most Convenient Organizer: It is the most convenient hanging organizer ever, allowing you to store different objects in its numerous pockets. You can keep your accessories, jewelry, keys, sunglasses, wristwatches, and a variety of other goods in an orderly and secure location in front of you at all times





Size & Material

  • Length= 32 Inches
  • Width= 16 Inches
  • Each Pocket Length= 6.5 Inches
  • Brand= DRESSNEED
  • Material= Clear PVC Plastic for pockets, and Cotton Check Fabric for background
  • Pockets= 16 Transparent Pockets of Same Size
  • Weight (With Steel Hanger) = 300 Grams approximately (Slightly weight difference should be accepted)

Transparent Plastic Hanging Wall Organizer

Secure Pockets

The pockets proved protected and secure from all types of filth thanks to the transparent plastic material. Furthermore, the pockets are clearly transparent, allowing you to see through them and keep your belongings in plain sight. It is an excellent organizer for storing items such as jewelry, wearable accessories, cosmetics, socks, and so on.


The multi-pocket wall organizer may be utilized for a variety of things, including storing accessories, small personal belongings, wearable objects, glasses, wristwatches, chargers, small cables, keychains, and so on. This wall storage bag can hold practically anything and will undoubtedly aid in the management of your belongings.

Transparent Plastic Hanging Wall Organizer

Easy & Changeable Hanger

Wall hanger featuring changeable steel hanger, fabulous design, and easy installing capabilities. You can hang it on the wall, on the door, or inside/outside the cupboard at your home and office. All you will need is a little solid nail to hang it on.

Elegant Design

The most attractive and well-crafted clear pockets hanging organizer, specially designed to complement the attractiveness of your home while also giving more storage space. Its exquisite form allows you to mount it anywhere, and it will serve as a decorative item as well as giving you extra convenience.


Utilize the Wall/Door Area

You can use the empty wall space to secure and arrange your stuff. The most unused space in the house is the walls or doors; however, with the aid of our hanging organizer, you can make use of these areas in your home or office and keep many objects organized and in front of you at all times.

Enhance the Decoration

Our hanging organizers are meant to complement the decoration of the space or location in which they are displayed. They are the ideal fit for your home or office due to their stunning design and gorgeous color combination.

Transparent Plastic Hanging Wall Organizer

Keep Things Away from Kids

The most valuable benefit of our product is that it allows you to keep harmful goods out of range from your children. This will assist you in protecting your children from potentially harmful things or stuff. Keep fragile goods like scissors, paper blades, sharp pins, and other such items out of your children’s access.

Easy Access

The plastic wall hanging organizer allows you to effortlessly access everything you store inside while also enhancing the decoration. If you keep your keys, glasses, or other stuff in this organizer and hang it on the door, you will be less likely to leave things at home when heading out. As a result, it gives you quick access to everything you need.

A Must Have Hanging Organizer for Home & Office

This must-have organizer is crafted of premium cotton fabric for the background and a transparent dust-proof plastic sheet for the pockets. It is perfect for storing tiny goods such as jewelry, fashion accessories, socks, and cosmetics. This organizer can be conveniently hung within your closet, as well as on the door or the wall.

Transparent hanging organizers are excellent for storing and organizing jewelry, accessories, everyday goods, and tiny, fragile objects. They let you store more stuff in a more compact and practical location. Many pockets are included in the organizer, allowing you conveniently manage your items.

hanging organizer

Is it okay if I use it at my beauty salon?

Yes, it can be used in a salon because it allows you to keep anything small enough to fit in the pockets. It’s a multifunction over-the-door or wall organizer that lets you store a variety of objects while also adding to the aesthetic of your home or business. Its dustproof translucent plastic sheet is ideal for storing cosmetics.

Is it entirely waterproof?

No, it is not entirely waterproof; only a translucent plastic layer can be considered waterproof, and we utilized cotton fabric on the rear. We can’t say it’s waterproof, but it’s water repellent. It’s best not to think of this as a full-fledged waterproof organizer.

Is the organizer equipped with a steel hanger?

Yes, the organizer comes with a high-quality steel hanger that you may swap out whenever you wish. We created this organizer in such a way that the hanger can be changed quickly and easily.


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