Large Travel Accessories Bag for Men, Women and Unisex - Premium Travel Essentials Organizer Bag – Water-Resistant Hygienic Bag with Metal Two-Way Zippers, Multiple Large Compartments for Toiletries, Makeup, Cosmetics, etc

  • Material: Travel accessories bag made of premium quality durable fabric with a sensual look, smooth two-way zippers, high-quality stitching. It is the most well-made and durable travel accessories bag for both men & women to store cosmetics, makeup accessories, toiletries, and other everyday items
  • Multipurpose: The accessories bag is multipurpose, you can store multiple things like cosmetic items, makeup kits, bathroom items, lotions, skincare essentials, toiletry items, bathroom essentials, oil bottles, and many other everyday items. Not just an accessories bag, it can be used to store your important belongings while traveling, and multiple pockets allow you to store various things in a most secure way. That makes it a very unique, decent, and multipurpose travel bag for men & women
  • Hassle-Free Travel: The multipurpose & stylish travel bag is super convenient for frequent travelers. It allows storing more items in a less and organized space, allowing the user to travel without any difficulty
  • For Both Male & Females: The unique and elegant design made this bag suitable for both males & females. Men can carry their toiletries, shaving kit, skincare products, medications, and other several belongings while traveling. Females can carry their makeup products, moisturizers, bathroom kit, hair products, hair oil, creams, sunblocks, and other essentials



Size & Material

  • Travel bag made of high-quality premium  fabric that is highly durable and water-resistant
  • Mesh and plastic fabric used for inner pockets & compartments
  • Width=10 inches, Height= 9 inches, Side Width= 5.5 inches
  • Two side Compartments
  • One bigger main Compartment
Travel Accessories Bag


There is a total of 7+ pockets to store different items. 2 side pockets can be used to keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, wet items, shaving cream, Dopp kit etc. The big main compartment has five pockets that are ideal for keeping all travel accessories like everyday items, liquid bottles, shampoo, cosmetic items, jewelries, perfumes, deodorants, oil bottles,  etc. Other pockets can be used to keep essentials according to the user’s need.

Moreover, this is an ideal bag if you are going camping in the mountains or going hunting. It provides enough space to keep equipment like a pocket knife, lighter, torchlight, rangefinder, map, batteries, glasses, survival kit, and other items.

Travel Accessories Bag

Elegant & Stylish Design

High-quality stitching, premium material, and luxurious design made this bag very stylish and fashionable. You can keep your essentials in the most protected & organized way and travel with style. The design of the bag is suitable for both males and females.

Smooth & Easy Two-Way Zippers

The high-quality easy two-way zippers will provide smooth packing and repacking facility.

Large Compartments

The large main compartment allows the user to keep their primary travel essentials or items like a scarf, towel, handkerchief, and almost any kind of travel accessory.

Travel Accessories Bag



The most significant and convenient benefit of this accessories bag is: it is multi purpose. It can be used to store various items and belongings while on travel. You can keep almost any small or medium travel auxiliaries and travel with style.

Water Resistant

The travel bag is made of high-quality fabric that is considered water-resistant. That means you can easily put all your wet bottles in it without fear of any damage. The water-resistant capability made this bag more durable and long-lasting.

Make Traveling Easy

It is way difficult to travel with a bunch of belongings, and our bag can help you manage items in a most organized way. This bag allows the user to store many items in a smaller place. Also, it is easier to pack & repack items from this bag comparing the other travel bag.


It allows you to make better use of limited space in your luggage while traveling. You can easily keep your regular needed items and enjoy your travel journey.

Travel Accessories Bag

Great Travel Companion

The travel accessories bag will be a great travel companion for frequent travelers. Here are some highlighted features

  • There are three big multiple storage compartments available to store various items
  • The neat and decent design of bag allows you to put it anywhere inside or outside the luggage. The carrying hook allows the user to hand carry
  • The two sided pockets provides a seprate storage for wet items like toiletries or liquid bottles
  • It reserve minimum space. Even when fully packed it is only 4.5 inches thick. So, you can easily fit it inside the suitcase
  • Inner pockets have elastic straps that help bottles to stand upside and prevent any kind of liquid spills
  • The stylish look and the above mentioned qualities made this bag perfect for traveling. You can keep your everyday items, cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes, deodrants, skincare product, hair care products, lotions, medications, first aid items, etc

Can it be used to keep cosmetics?

Yes, the travel accessories bag can be utilized to keep cosmetics while on travel. The water-resistant capability made this bag suitable for keeping fragile cosmetics items without any fear of damage. Also, the multiple compartments allow storing different things alongside other items.

Can separate items be stored in different compartments?

Yes, you can store different items in its multiple compartments. You can keep your toiletry items in the side pockets. Moreover, cosmetics & skincare products can be stored in a large compartment. Instead, you can put all your essentials in it without any hassle.

Is this big enough to fit a hairdryer or hair straightener?

It is big enough to pack a travel hairdryer and travel hair straightener. But it depends on what you are packing.

How to get this bag?

You can order this bag online, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. The cash-on-delivery service is available all over Pakistan.


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